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Join the movement to put climate action at the forefront.

Save the date: May 9th and 10th, 2023

Montréal-based stakeholders from the economic, political, institutional, philanthropic, non-profit and cultural sectors are coming together for the Montréal Climate Summit, at a time when the collaboration and mobilization of all are more essential than ever.

Be part of the movement to mark a new era of climate ambition for the city.




2023 Montréal
Climate Summit

The second edition of the Montréal Climate Summit will take place on May 9 and 10, 2023 at the Grand Quai. It will be an opportunity to report on the progress made by the City of Montréal and the organizations that have made commitments in 2022. Hundreds of participants and dozens of speakers are expected to provide collective and concrete solutions to the fundamental issues we’re facing. The Summit will strike up conversations and collaborations around community
resilience in the face of climatic hazards, in particular the most vulnerable populations; the potential for businesses to improve their practices and develop tools for their low-carbon transition; and the crucial work that remains to be done in terms of mobility and urban planning at the territorial level. The event will be an opportunity to weave the essential collaborations between all sectors of activity to meet the climate challenge of the city.


The Montréal Climate Summit’s first edition provided an opportunity to take stock of the work carried out to date in Montréal, and to bring the community together to discuss what remains to be done to reach our climate targets by 2030 and 2050. The Proceedings are intended to be a collective roadmap to achieve them. This document puts together key recommendations, portraits of effective initiatives as well as the desired outcomes for the Summit’s next edition to orient the Montréal community climate actions and assess our collective progresses.
Learn more about the 2022 Montréal Climate Summit’s Proceedings:
2022 Summit Proceedings

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